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Thank you for visit our website. We hope that you will learn more our exciting products and services! Fine Telecom Inc (FTI) is an Electronics company that is dedicated to producing high quality products designes with the customer in mind. With advanced specializes in surveillance system, CCTV cameras, LCD Monitors, DVR, Video Doorphone, LCD TV and has been expanding through technological development under the motto of Humanism and Competitiveness.

With advanced technology, refined product design, efficient manufacturing processs, strict quality control and quick after-sales service, FTI established 1997 with reputations for trustworthiness and reliabilities through our overseas clients. Our fully manufactured products are easy to use, loaded with functions and designed with style and elegance.

Our new line of Digital Surveilance systems has been developed with leading edge technology and are loaded with features and functions. These products were also designed with a economic, user-friendly interface to suit the customer's needs. Fine Telecom Inc is a company with a solid background and long experience in the electronics industry.

With our continuous research and development we are able to produce high quality, state-lo-the-art products at a reasonable price. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide outstanding service and support. Without a doubt, you will find us a very competent and reliable partner when you choose us as your supplier. Thank you.

Harris Choi

President / CEO

Fine Telecom Inc